November-December 2015
Trend Micro Enterprise Customer Newsletter
Roundup Summary: Current Vulnerabilities Prelude Impending Attacks 3Q 2015 SECURITY ROUNDUP
Using Past Insights to Foresee the Future
The TrendLabs report on security findings and trends from the third quarter is now available, and it's required reading. Inside, you'll not only learn what threats were most prevalent in recent months—you'll also learn how they help predict what you should expect going forward. Read this summary or download the full report (PDF).
Blog: To Patch or Not To Patch? CLOUD SECURITY BLOG
To Patch or Not To Patch?
When a zero-day vulnerability is found, you may want to patch your systems right away. But as this blog explains—based on research from Gartner—that might be the wrong move. Fortunately, Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ has virtual patching capabilities that let you shield vulnerabilities until the time is right for installing the official patch.
Spear Phishing 101: What is Spear Phishing? SPEAR-PHISHING INFOGRAPHIC
Spear-Phishing 101: What Is It, And What Does It Do?
Spear-phishing is among the most common, and most effective, attack vectors used by cyber malefactors to get their attacks into target networks. Yet many organizations are not adequately protected. In fact, many people still don't quite understand what spear-phishing is or how it works. This article and infographic give you the facts.
Trend Micro Complete User Protection Solution A SWEETER SUITE
Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete: Now MORE Complete
Our Smart Protection Complete delivers layered security for endpoint, email and collaboration, and web, and now includes Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security™, at no extra charge. Extend advanced threat protection controls to Microsoft Office 365 and other SaaS applications, whether you're new to the suite or a long-time user.
Webinar: PCI-DSS 3.1 Compliance in the Modern Data Center and Cloud DATA CENTER COMPLIANCE WEBINAR
Get Expert Insights into PCI-DSS 3.1 Compliance
As your data center deployment scenarios get more complex, and as threats grow more sophisticated and harder to detect, complying with PCI-DSS 3.1 requirements can seem daunting. Register for this webinar on Dec. 8 (10am PST) hosted by Coalfire Qualified Security Assessor Forrest McMahon to learn how to streamline and simplify the process.
Trend Micro Endpoint Application Control NEW PRODUCT UPDATE
Endpoint Application Control v2.0 Now Available
Trend Micro™ Endpoint Application Control—available as a standalone product and as a part of the Smart Protection Suites—provide invaluable protection against malicious apps installed by end users. And now it's improved, with new application reputation dynamic rules, trusted sources of change, an expanded catalog, and other new functionality.
Blog: How to Avoid Being the Next JPMorgan: Analyzing a Decade of Breaches BLOG: WHO'S THE NEXT JP MORGAN?
Drawing Lessons from a Decade of Breaches
High-profile breaches like the customer records theft from JP Morgan might lead us to conclude that financial institutions are among the most common targets for cyber attackers. But an examination of data collected over a decade supports a different conclusion. In this blog post, Jon Clay sorts the data and explains the sometimes-unexpected results.
Blog: Political Figures = Preferred Cyber-Espionage Targets BLOG: POLITICAL CYBER THREATS
Political Figures = Preferred Cyber-Espionage Targets
As the Dark Web evolves into a virtual bazaar of cyber arms for conducting asymmetrical warfare, the nature of predominant attacks is evolving, and so is the nature of their preferred targets. In this blog post, Tom Kellermann discusses why cyber attacks are changing, and what it means both for political figures and for ordinary users and organizations.
Learn Why Health-Industry Services Leader Chose Trend Micro
With more than 1,000 US hospitals using its cloud-based services for everything from electronic health records and billing to in-operating-room surgical support, MEDHOST takes a "security-first" approach to its IT environments. In this video, the company's IT and security leaders explain why Deep Security is a central element of their strategy.