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Advice from Shannon McCarty-Caplan on Managing Your Online Personal Privacy #SOCIALMEDIARUINEDMYLIFE
How to Not Regret Using Social Media
by Shannon McCarty-Caplan
Have you ever regretted your post on social media? If so, you aren't alone. According to a poll Trend Micro conducted with Cint USA in August, 24% of people said they have social media regrets and 36% of those polled said they have seen something they regard as inappropriate on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Many people have ruined their reputations and damaged their careers after posting inappropriate material on social networks. There are many examples that include politicians, movie and sports stars, teachers, police officers, and even fast food restaurant employees. See the examples below:

    Consequences of Not Managing Online Personal Privacy

It's not easy to manage who can see your personal information on social media, as the sites and privacy settings get updated so regularly. The problem of exposing too much information will probably continue to plague many social media users.

Tips for having no regrets on social websites
Always take the time to explore and adjust your privacy settings.
Use a privacy scanner to check your current privacy settings on websites and get recommendations on what to improve.
Be sure you are not publically sharing more of your personal information than you would like. Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Security products provide a privacy scanner for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
On your mobile devices, be sure to familiarize yourself with privacy settings and tools. Free, high-risk apps pose a number of privacy issues with the amount and type of information they collect.
Enjoy your digital life safely
Privacy and protection of personal data is paramount at Trend Micro. That's why we improved the newly released 2014 Trend Micro Titanium Security solutions for consumers. It's unique security is designed to protect your privacy on social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

By providing comprehensive security for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, Trend Micro lets you fearlessly email, socialize, bank, game, and shop on the Internet. In addition to delivering the fastest protection against new web threats*, Titanium Security highlights malicious links before you click on them in social networking sites, instant messages, and email.

With expertise gained over 25+ years, we're proud to offer industry-leading Internet security with the broadest combination of privacy and web threat protection for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter across PCs and Macs.

*Source: NSS Labs 2013 - Average Time to Block - Endpoint Protection Products Testing

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